10 Jobs in Canada without a Work Permit

The laws governing the employment of foreign workers in Canada have changed, and it’s become more difficult to find jobs in Canada without a work permit. Here are 10 jobs that do not require you to obtain one in order to work legally in Canada.

10) Customer Service/Telemarketing

There are numerous jobs available for immigrants to Canada in customer service and telemarketing, particularly if you have experience working with foreign companies.

Some industries will require you to speak more than one language, so it’s worth looking into your options here if you have proficiency in another language.

Keep in mind that even though these roles don’t require a work permit, they still do require Canadian citizenship or permanent residence. So check with potential employers about hiring eligibility before applying for any jobs.

9) Medical Assistant

Medical assistants play an important role in keeping doctors’ offices running smoothly. Their job is to perform tasks related to handling patients and helping doctors.

You can start as a medical assistant with some on-the-job training, but many professionals receive certification or licensure through programs offered by community colleges and technical schools.

A bachelor’s degree isn’t necessary for most medical assistant jobs, but it could make you more marketable to employers.

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8) Grocery Store Clerk

Grocery store clerks tend to all of your grocery needs. In order to be hired as a grocery store clerk, you must have strong customer service skills, as well as knowledge of all types of products that are sold.

Grocery store clerks work full-time hours during most weekdays and may also be asked to work extra hours on weekends depending on their availability.

7) Newspaper Delivery

Delivering newspapers is one of those low-paying jobs that still exist. Plus, it’s fun getting up early and being outside to greet people as they wake up. It’s also a great job for any student looking to make some cash while still in school.

Newspaper delivery jobs often don’t require work permits or other special certifications, meaning almost anyone can apply.

The earlier you apply, however, the better chance you have of nabbing one of these coveted gigs!

6) Restaurant Dishwasher

Do you love to wash dishes? Looking for a job in Canada that requires no work permit? This is your job! As a dishwasher, you’ll clean and sanitize kitchen dishes, utensils, and equipment.

You can expect to be on your feet all day. If you’re someone who loves to get their hands dirty, applying for dishwashing jobs at restaurants might be just what you need.

They don’t require any formal training or education so immigrants will love them.

5) Cleaner and Janitorial Services

Cleaning services are ideal for foreign workers because they don’t require any formal qualifications or work permits. It is also a job that can be done part-time or full-time.

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Cleaning services include apartment cleaning, community centre cleaning, residential cleaning and office cleaning. Earnings vary depending on your level of experience, with inexperienced cleaners earning between $12 and $15 per hour.

4) Lifeguard at a Pool, Water Park or Beach

Being a lifeguard is an excellent job for newcomers to Canada, especially if you enjoy working outdoors. There are many jobs available in canada that do not require work permit such as lifeguarding.

You must be at least 16 years old and certified as an open water swimmer/lifeguard, which includes swimming 500 metres continuously (breaststroke or freestyle) and treading water for two minutes using only your legs.

Apply at your local pool, water park or beach.

3) Janitorial Supervisors

If you’re interested in jobs in Canada for immigrants, consider becoming a janitorial supervisor.

You’ll need to be good at motivating others and keeping things neat, but that might be easier than working with customers (you can still do that part if you really want). If you take on such jobs, keep in mind that your salary will reflect your level of responsibility.

2) Retail Sales Associate – No Commission

Though retail sales associates are almost always paid on commission, there are some jobs where you’ll receive a flat hourly rate.

An employer will choose to pay their employees without commissions for one of two reasons: either because there is no need to incentivize workers, or because they simply don’t have enough cash flow to do so.

1) Service Desk Specialist

There are few jobs in Canada that do not require work permits, but one example is being a service desk specialist.

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This job will help keep computer systems up and running and will involve helping customers with technical support problems.

Most jobs like these require at least an undergraduate degree, but because of your experience you may be able to get by with just a bachelor’s degree instead. You’ll also need to have experience working as part of a team to solve technical problems.


What are some jobs in Canada for immigrants? It’s no secret that moving to another country isn’t easy. It requires time, effort and money to get settled into new surroundings.

And while many immigrants look forward to starting new lives abroad, there are always concerns about finding employment once they arrive. One of these areas of concern is finding jobs in Canada without a work permit.

While it may seem impossible to find jobs that don’t require one, it is possible.

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