Account Analyst

To support with the day to day running and maintenance of portfolios by providing a central office-bound contact point for client service queries/ requests, administration assistance and adding value to clients through the identification of cross-selling opportunities, monitoring all loan facilities in the portfolio on a daily basis against set parameters/ conditions.



  • At least 5 years, of which 1 year should have been spent in the Business Banking environment.
  • Experience in preparing and motivating Credit applications is essential

Qualifications (Minimum)

  • Diploma in Commerce or Banking

Qualifications (Ideal or Preferred)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Banking or Commerce



  • The features, benefits and value propositions of respective company product/service offerings.
  • General banking practices and procedures.
  • Understanding of how Business Banking operates, as well as understanding the business risks, industry risks and financial requirements pertaining to the business market
  • Credit principles and practices, including an understanding of credit application, securities and balance sheet requirements. .
  • The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA).
  • Administration processes and procedures pertaining to Business Banking transactions.

Client relationship management and service principles.


Competitor product offerings/ channels/ operational and marketing tactics would be advantageous.

Capitec/Business Bank systems and processes


Communications Skills

Negotiation skills

Problem solving skills

Analytical Skills

Planning, organising and coordination skills


  • Deciding and Initiating Action
  • Deciding and Initiating Action Acting Decisively
  • Deciding and Initiating Action Demonstrating Initiative
  • Deciding and Initiating Action Making Accurate Judgments and Decisions
  • Relating and Networking
  • Relating and Networking Creating and Maintaining Networks
  • Relating and Networking Establishing Relationships
  • Relating and Networking Interacting with People at Different Levels
  • Relating and Networking Managing Political Situations
  • Persuading and Influencing
  • Persuading and Influencing Making Convincing Arguments
  • Persuading and Influencing Making a Strong Impression
  • Persuading and Influencing Negotiating Agreements
  • Analyzing
  • Analyzing Critical Thinking
  • Analyzing Evaluating and Implementing Ideas
  • Analyzing Reading Effectively
  • Analyzing Solving Complex Problems
  • Analyzing Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Analyzing Thinking Broadly
  • Analyzing Using Math
  • Analyzing Working with Financial Information
  • Planning and Organising
  • Planning and Organising_Coordinating Project Activities
  • Planning and Organising_Driving Projects to Completion
  • Planning and Organising_Managing Resources
  • Planning and Organising_Prioritising and Organising Work
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations_Championing Customer Needs
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations_Delivering High Quality Work
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations_Meeting Basic Work Expectations
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations_Serving Customers
  • Adapting and Responding to Change
  • Adapting and Responding to Change_Acting as a Champion for Change
  • Adapting and Responding to Change_Adapting to Change
  • Adapting and Responding to Change_Supporting Change
  • Adapting and Responding to Change_Working with Ambiguity
  • Adapting and responding to change_Working with Diverse Populations
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks_Demonstrating Tenacity and Perseverance
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks_Displaying Confidence and Composure
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks_Maintaining Work-Life Balance
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks_Managing Stress

Conditions of Employment

  • Clear criminal and credit record

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