Bench Repair Technician

My client that is based in Limbro Park is currently looking for a Bench Repair Technician

To perform the below functions

  • Troubleshoot of POS Equipment
  • Basic & Advance Repairs on POS Equipment.
  • HDD & Memory Stick Prepping
  • Quality assurance testing of repairs performed by external vendor facilities.
  • Working on System.
  • Maintaining spares issued to the Bench.


  • Matric
  • Reliable transport
  • Must be able to work on weekends & Public Holidays.
  • 1-2 years working Experience preferred.
  • Administration — Good planning and administration skills.
  • Communication Skills — Must be able to communicate well on all different levels.
  • Teamwork — Must be able to work in a team as and when required.
  • Attention to Detail – Detailed and meticulous.
  • Active Listening – Giving full attention to what other people is saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times.
  • Judgment and Decision Making – Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.
  • Excellent planning, organizing – Prioritize, allocate and meet deadlines.
  • Time Management – Managing one’s own time.


1 = N/A , 2 = Limited level of delivery of skill, 3 = Competent, but may require development – has the potential, 4 = Fully fulfills criteria



Flexibility / Openness to change

  • Proactively supports change and effectively adapts own approach to suit the changing environment.
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Tenacity / Stress Tolerance

  • Deals effectively with pressure, remains optimistic and persistent even under adversity. Recovers quickly from setbacks. Stays with a problem until a solution is reached.

Teamwork / Diversity Awareness

  • Treats all individuals with respect, respond sensitively to differences and encourages others to do likewise. Willingness to participate as a full member of a team. Effective contributor even when the team is working.

Communication / Listening

  • Ability to pick out important information. Ability to express ideas clearly in writing.


  • Ability to maintain social, organizational and ethical norms in job related activities.

Influencing others / Negotiating

  • Ability to convince others to own expressed point of view, gain agreement and acceptance of plans, activities or products.

Accuracy / Attention to detail

  • Total task accomplishment through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small.


  • Initiative, resilience, drive, quality and standards, commitment and work motivation
  • Sees opportunities and act on them, ability to maintain effectiveness in situations of disappointment, shows drive, stamina and the capacity to work hard, continuously try to perform better and uplift standards and belief in adding value to the company.


Planning & Organizing

  • Ability to establish efficiently an appropriate course of action for self and others to accomplish goal.


  • Effective allocation of decision making and other responsibilities to the appropriate person.


  • Motivates, enables, and inspires others to succeed, utilizing appropriate styles. Has a clear vision of what is required and acts as a positive role model.

People Development

  • Develops the skill and competencies of others through training, coaching, mentoring related to current and future roles.
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Organizational Sensitivity

  • Capacity to perceive the impact and implications of decisions and activities on other parts of the company.

Conflict Management

  • Encourages creative tension and differences of opinions. Anticipates and takes steps to prevent counter-productive confrontations. Manages and resolves conflict and disagreements in a constructive manner.

Decision making (Judgment, decisiveness, analytical and critical thinking)

  • Effectiveness in identifying problems, taking action, ability to analyze information. Makes well-informed, effective and timely decisions, even when data are limited or solutions produced unpleasant consequences, perceives the impact and implications of decisions.



  • Microsoft Excel
  • Beginner Intermediate
  • Advanced Expert
  • Microsoft Word
  • Beginner Intermediate
  • Advanced Expert
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Beginner Intermediate
  • Advanced Expert
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Beginner Intermediate
  • Advanced Expert
  • Other programs



  • e.g. Microsoft Excel
  • Needs to be able to function on an Intermediate level.
  • e.g. Microsoft Word
  • Needs to be able to function on an Expert level.