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No Matric Job Vacancies in South Africa

We currently have job vacancies for South Africans which do not require matric certificate or any experience. Recruiters know that there are people with different levels of expertise, experience, knowledge and qualifications can all potentially do a specific job. Thus, you do not necessarily need to have a matric certificate to get a job in South […]

Boxer Jobs in South Africa – for Graduates, Packers, Cashiers, No Experience Workers

Boxer Jobs in South Africa

Boxer Superstores is a South African based, discount supermarket trading in the Southern African retail marketplace. Our ambition is to be Africa’s favorite discount supermarket. We trade across every province and in the Kingdom of eSwatini ensuring our shoppers benefit from our full service supermarket offerings. Skills, Abilities and Job related Knowledge: Strong interpersonal and […]

Unitrans Job Vacancies: General Workers, No Experience

Unitrans offers a diverse set of services including transportation, agricultural services, warehousing and distribution, supply chain consulting, freight forwarding and clearing, as well as mining services. All these services accommodate a list of differing sectors, such as chemicals, cement, petroleum and gas, and consumer goods. Employing more than 10 000 employees at the moment, the […]