Head Of Enterprise System

Employment Type: Permanent

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As the Head of Enterprise Systems you will be responsible for leading and delivering best-in-class solutions, systems, and services, all while adopting a Cloud first approach.

Working on, and driving the strategy for enterprise applications, while developing and leading a small team of specialists to support outsourced work, provide specialist in-house expertise and make it simpler for users to access the tools necessary for their roles.

Ensuring all company applications e.g., Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) meets the requirements of the business. Ensuring that the Risk Management, Legal, Compliance and Security requirements are met.

Managing our strategic supplier relationships, ensuring appropriate controls, governance, policies and reporting are in place and adhered to.

Join us for the opportunity to lead an enterprise on a path to re-image and invigorate the company through modern systems.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Math, Engineering, or similar
  • 10+ years exp in IT leadership role or equivalent experience rolling out complex systems across an Enterprise, including experience in a highly regulated sector
  • ERP/HRIS, Cloud, DevOps (CI/CD), Security, Infrastructure, Software, Risk
  • Leadership experience and exposure

Key areas of focus


Delivery of End-to-End processes and technology solutions that meet business requirements and delivers or exceeds the business case.

Work with all service providers to ensure requirements are well understood and that the projects, systems, solutions, services are delivered as required and meeting SLA’s. An exceptional communicator, collaborator, and influencer.

Skilled at engaging with and building trusted relationships with C-suite leaders and other key stakeholders.


Work with all stakeholders to ensure best-in-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Human Resource Information System (HRIS) solutions are available and delivering business value.

Assist with the selection and implementation of critical applications.

Provide direction and best-practices methodology for all SaaS and IaaS deployments.

Ensure the company has appropriate information technology products, systems, and services to scale and support a multi-billion-dollar company. Construct and communicate clear and effective procurement policies, processes, negotiation approaches, and tracking.

Lead or assist in negotiating contracts. Build a comprehensive product catalogue of best-in-class products, to drive consistency, productivity and efficiency, and to remove duplication and redundancy.


Oversee all components of our cloud infrastructure including computing, storage, networking, security, backup, and recovery to balance application performance and efficiency based on business needs.

Manage the relationship and performance of cloud vendors including platform providers (Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform), SaaS vendors, and managed service providers.

Risk Management

Actively look at all risks in the company IT enterprise and find solutions to mitigate and/or solve the risks.

Work with all parties, specifically; legal, finance and compliance. Ensure the enterprise systems operate and meet the highest standards required.

Build protocols to provide outstanding data and systems governance.

Source Code / DevOps

Make available and support the best-in-class source code systems. Develop and evolve the technology team’s capabilities and practices in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).


Ensure data is stored in a secure and organized fashion and purveyed to the organization efficiently, accurately, and in a clearly understood manner.

Work with all parties involved in Data to ensure the controls, process and protocols are well defined and adhere to, meeting the highest information security and data privacy standards.

Operational Excellence

Apply SRE principles to the operational excellence of the Enterprise Systems. Ensure all enterprise systems have high availability and operating with effective disaster recovery.


Ensure all infrastructure, systems, networking, access, data etc. are secure.

Ensure the level of security matches the enterprise requirements.

Foster a culture of zero trust and cybersecurity. Ensure all security incidents are managed correctly. Ensure regular security reviews are conducted. Ensure that Threat/Intrusion Detection are operational and meeting business need.