How to Apply Zimbabwean Passport in South Africa

There are quiet a few reasons why people need a new passport. You might need a new passport because your:

  1. old one has expired
  2.  passport got lost or stolen
  3. passport got damaged and therefore became unusable.

For lost or stolen passports you need to get an affidavit from the police. Here is a step by step process on how you can apply  for a new Zimbabwean passport in South Africa.

What are the requirements for apply for a Zimbabwean passport?

Each original document must be accompanied by a photocopy. It is not necessary to certify the photocopies. The following are required:

  • Birth certificate (Long Birth Certificate)
  • ID – For all applicants above 16 years your application must be accompanied by an ID. The ID could be the plastic, metal or Paper one. Please note without an ID no application will be processed. If you want to get a new ID you must firts travel to Zimbabwe as it is currentlyy not possible to apply for a new ID within South Africa.
  • Marriage certificate – If you are married and got a marriage certificate please take it with you.
  • ID in marriage name – Most of the times women assume the surname of their husbands on marriage. If you are married your ID must show the married name
  • Divorce order If your marriage was registered and you later on got divorced you will need a divorce order issued by a competent court showing dissolution of the union.
  • 2 colour passport size photos strictly on white background, (size 3,5 x 4,5cm) Your pictures must be clear.
  • Current passport if available
  • Children below the age of 18 years: it is a mandatory requirement that the father or mother or legal guardian should complete Section 5 of the passport application form and the child’s birth certificate is require. The child must also be present for finger prints. The child’s old passport ( where applicable) is also required.
  • In cases where the child has a legal guardian, the legal guardian should provide a Guardianship Certificate, which can be obtained from the Courts of Law.

Fees payable:

Passport form: R300 payable in cash at the Consulate.

A payment of US$50.00 is payable upon submission in Zimbabwe and takes up to 6 months to get the passport.

Urgent passport costs are as follows: One week – US$250 and

One day – US$318.

Where to submit your forms

Applicants submit their passport applications forms to any of the following offices;

  1. Harare
  2. Bulawayo
  3. Gwanda
  4. Gweru

Please note that the consulate does not submit passport or Birth Certificate application forms on behalf of applicants.

If an applicant cannot travel to Zimbabwe, s/he can authorize a person with a SIMILAR SURNAME with him or her to submit and collect the passport on their behalf.

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