Proactively identify remediate Compliance (Regulatory and Operational risk) andimplement suitable solutions

Conduct regular coaching sessions and / or workshops in order to close gaps and trends identified (quality audits).

To ensure the effective implementation of risk frameworks, provided by Centre within the relevant Branch, Private

Banking Suite and Small Enterprises.

Note the role is based in Overberg Winelands area

Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

Risk and Compliance Support

  • Proactively detect, gaps, emerging risks and trends in the daily execution of risk and control monitoring, assuring alignment of top emerging risk to the Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA)
  • Ensures adherence to policies standards and processes are followed as per laid down criteria to achieve clean audit.
  • Proactively identify, non-adherence to process policy and procedures, adverse staff behavior, security failures and fraud Modus Operandi for remediation and escalation as required.
  • Ensures staff awareness in terms of fraud through re-iterating and endorse change management as well as test understanding.
  • Recommendation of appropriate action plans to relevant leadership to remediate audit findings, control gaps, emerging risks and adverse trends identified.
  • Recommends and implement revision of internal controls to provincial risk where appropriate, to address new or previously uncontrolled risks.
  • Ensures that the correct reporting of any operational thresholds breaches e.g., excess cash holdings.
  • Ensures that escalation processes are followed for Cash Excess Reporting.
  • Track and monitor progress in closing out findings from Assurance Reviews and audits completed by Ops Risk,
  • Compliance monitoring and Group Internal Audit (GIA) and Security
  • Complete daily monitoring and attestation reviews to ensure operational processes are executed as required.
  • Complete the monthly Risk Log and monitor progress against action plans.
  • Observe, check and provide progress against the agreed remediated action plans.
  • Alert Branch and Provincial Leadership with regards to gaps, trends, incidents, losses, near misses, breaches and irregularities identified.
  • Ensure POR Managers have a Business Continuity Plan (BCM) in place and that it is updated regularly as and when changes take place, with staff details and recovery team information.
  • Assists the relevant POR Manager by providing input into the Business Continuity Plan, including the updating of staff details and recovery team information.
  • Co-ordinates and updates renewal of Dispensations via Provincial Risk Manager.
  • Monitors all routine aspects for Foreign Exchange Products are adhered to according to laid down procedures
  • Apply or review for the Dispensations where applicable to enable business to perform optimally.
  • Draw Auto Recon data to confirm that documents are managed as per the laid down procedures.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Ensures the correct documentation is completed by Team Leaders for incidents (Occupational Health and Safety) that have occurred within the work place during working hours. All relevant documentation must be housed in a central file for record purposes. Ensures that the relevant posters are displayed in terms of Labour Law requirements i.e. Basic Conditions of Employment, etc.
  • Assists the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) 16(2) Representative in ensuring that all requirements in terms of the Act are met i.e. quarterly/annual audits, appointment of Wardens and First Aiders, emergency evacuation drills, workman’s compensation, annual service of firefighting equipment, scrutiny and replenishment of the First Aid Box (in conjunction with First Aider). Ensure quarterly and annual Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) inspections are conducted.
  • Reports on the progress of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) compliance (when requested or as necessary).

Risk and and Compliance Upskilling and Coaching

  • Coaches relevant Point of Representation (POR) on risk and compliance gaps identified.
  • Identify key/ localised themes relevant to the POR and plan upskilling interventions accordingly.
  • Ensures that all staff within the relevant Branch Private Banking Suite and Small Enterprises attends and completes the required Risk and Compliance training.
  • Responsible for inspiring, motivating, leading coaching and managing the teams within their relevant areas.
  • Responsible for driving a risk culture within the relevant area of responsibility.
  • Builds organisational capabilities through evaluating likely future requirements and ensuring that individuals are provided with the best possible development opportunities in line with these.

Regulatory Compliance Support

  • Monitor the Know Your Customer (KYC) dashboard and the irregularity report to identify Points of Representation (POR’s) that have not complied with KYC requirements and identifies training/coaching needs
  • Ensure remediation of KYC irregularity per POR to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Conducts a ten percent Know Your Customer (KYC) and Account Origination sample check for the correct KYC and account opening documents as part of scrutiny, when visiting the POR.
  • Identify root causes by analysing the differences report and make recommendations based on the findings.
  • Takes corrective and mitigating steps to find solutions in order to address any identified gaps, risks and trends, the solutioning must be done with people in the work.
  • Where relevant consult with support functions (i.e. RBB Enablement, RBB Risk, Ops Risk, Compliance, Human Capital, Operations, Security etc.) for guidance and direction.
  • Identify and address non-adherences to KYC Exchange Control Rules and Regulations and other Regulatory requirements as it relates to the Cross Border reporting of Foreign Exchange Transactions – Section J requirements.

Legislative Requirements

  • Ensure Legislative Requirements are adhered to; (e.g., TCF, PoPI, FAIS, COB, KYC/EDD, OHASA etc.) and controls are put in place to mitigate risks.
  • Ensure that all Legislative changes are implemented and adhered to as required by testing their understanding.
  • Ensure operational capability in frontline (e.g., routine checks are conducted).
  • Undertake routine checks to ensure that the UV Lights are operational and utilised correctly within the cluster and comparison stickers are not faded.
  • Ensure adoption and usage of management tools (e.g., OFV, UV lights, scan @ source, e-signatures, auto-recon etc.)

Routine Responsibilities

  • Perform daily tasks to ensure that standards are checked against samples and routines.
  • Ensures the scrutiny of envelopes containing master codes quarterly for the relevant POR’s.
  • Check and ensure that management take ownership of Levels and Limits of authority (Forex and Operational) and that the required 6 monthly audits are taking place.
  • Ensure that the quarterly surprise checks of all security, equipment and maintenance checks are performed.
  • Check that all Letters of Understanding and Undertaking in respect of loading of data on the Application Scoring System is held at the relevant POR’s.

Minimum Qualification and Experience

  • 3-4 Years experience in risk and commpliance
  • Branch experiece
  • Recognised FSB qaulification