Payroll Accountant at RCL FOODS

RCL FOODS is seeking a Payroll Accountant to join our Group Services Division. The role will be based in Westville and report to the Senior Payroll Accountant. RCL FOODS is looking for an analytical individual who pays attention to detail.

RCL FOODS entrusts the Payroll Accountant to provide payroll accounting services across group companies in order to ensure the completeness and accuracy of payrolls. They will also be required to manage and control the capital and operating costs and all immoveable and moveable assets within the scope of responsibility.

Minimum Requirements

  • B.Com in Accounting or equivalent.
  • 2-3 years accounting/auditing experience.
  • 1 year SAP experience (preferable).

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Payroll Reconciliations
  • Reconciliation of Balance Sheet Provision Accounts.
  • Reconciliation of Monthly Headcount for allocated companies.
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet Reconciliations.
  • Preparation of all Manual Journal Entries.
  • Reconciliation of monthly Payroll Postings to the General Ledger.
  • Reconciliation of the monthly Payroll Postings to the Taxable Earnings.

Annual Functions

  • Complete earnings returns and payments for COID within the specified deadlines.
  • Assist with the submission of IRP5 reconciliation to SARS for Group companies.
  • Assist with the analysis of the statements from medical aid service providers to provide information for the
  • Valuation of the Post-Retirement Medical Aid (PRMA).
  • Reconciliation of the IT14 SD (payroll tax submission to income tax submission).

Payroll Integrity

  • Complete detailed review of all aspects of the allocated companies, i.e. New Engagements, Terminations, Pay Rate, Reimbursive payments and Bank Detail Changes, etc, in line with audit principles of completeness, accuracy, validity and valuation of data.
  • Balance Salaries of employees on Guaranteed Packages.
  • Verification and sign-off on manual payments.
  • Review of extra-ordinary payments/schedules, e.g. Bonus, 13th Cheque, Increases.
  • Ensuring compliance of Income Tax, UIF and WCA act.
  • Conducting adhoc audits to ensure that all payments processed via payroll is in line with company policies.

Third Party Payment Reconciliation

  • Monthly submission of EMP201’s for the group.
  • Check amounts for accuracy and make necessary adjustments.
  • Ensure third party payments are correct and complete and agree to payroll deductions.
  • Ensure that payments are made within the required deadline.
  • Follow up and investigate all discrepancies, queries and variances arising from all reconciliations performed.
  • Implement procedures to minimize risk.
  • Post Retirement Medical Aid (PRMA)
  • Assist with the administration of Post-Retirement medical aid, including liaison with PSG, Fed-health and Discovery.
  • Communication with Pensioners when necessary.
  • Maintain up to date schedule of eligible members for PRMA for valuation purposes.

Audit Services

  • Facilitate the interface between group payroll and both internal and external audit.
  • Ensuring the completion of successful audits.

Payroll Services

  • Implement solutions to matters raised by Finance.
  • Analyse payroll reports, statements, records and make recommendations to improve the payroll process.
  • Estimate the cash flow requirements of the department and Submit cash flow projections to Group Treasury on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Prepare a monthly payroll comparison report of payroll, identify, and provide explanation for variances for the final approval and sign-off of the payroll.
  • Application for tax directives.
  • Ensure there are no, over/underpayments and make corrections if necessary.
  • Employment Tax Incentive
  • Computation/Review of ETI calculations for group payrolls.
  • Administration of Agency Appointments by SARS
  • Reconciliation on monthly basis.
  • Administration on Easy-file.
  • Administration of all correspondence.
  • Management of payment reference numbers on profile (3rd party payment software) to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Bookkeeper / Junior Accountant – Wine Shop in Stellenbosch

Bookkeeper / Junior Accountant – Wine Shop in Stellenbosch