Professional Nurse

The positions available is Community Based, in the following areas:

  • 1 x PN Caledon – Overberg District
  • 1 x PN HTA & Wellness – Overberg District
  • 1 x PN Hawston – Overberg District
  • 1 X PN Stellenbosch – Cape Winelands District


  • Grade 12
  • Diploma in General Nursing
  • Registration with SANC
  • Driver’s License
  • Willingness to use own Transport
  • Required minimum experience
  • 1 year


  • Proven communication skills and good interpersonal skills
  • Team player and performance oriented
  • Ability to work under pressure and adhere to the set standards of the programme
  • Numerical Skills and Computer Literacy
  • Driver’s license and willingness to use own vehicle



  • Determines with PHC priority target areas, taking burden of disease in consideration, using data as guidance
  • Allocate CHW’s to a specific geographical area taking into consideration that the CHW has to speak the preferred language of the given area
  • Geographical mapping template visible at site and PHC facility
  • Take burden of disease in consideration e.g., chronic disease area needs less service than an identified TB hotspot area
  • Use strengths and weakness of team when placing them e.g. a specific CHW can be excellent providing adherence support whilst another is better with wound care
  • Ensure that CHW’s are identifiable wearing the prescribed uniform and name badge
  • Discuss flexi hours with the team to work hours that the catchment population can be reached
  •  Refer all HR related to the District Lead / HR administrators
  • Attend all relevant Departmental meetings
  • Implementation of 2-weekly or at least once a month a meeting with PHC facility:
  • Has “back referral” as standing point on the agenda in order to measure the impact made by HCBS
  • Professional Nurse and District Lead must have a monthly PDR meeting with the team
  • Submit annual leave planner by the end of June and ensure that all leave forms submitted to the SAGE impersonator


  • Strengthen the clinical preventative activities within a community-based setting in working with the Wellness PN in COPC focus areas
  • Administration of immunisation in the community & ensure proper cold chain management of the vaccines
  • Administration of Vit A and deworming
  • Provision of Sexual Reproductive Health e.g. family planning
  • Perform cervical screening and breast examination in an appropriate community venue
  • Take bedridden patient’s blood e.g. liver functions
  • Conduct on-the-spot HIV testing when needed
  • Support all health campaigns including visits to schools and creches and administering vaccinations e.g., measles, HPV, influenza when necessary
  • Participate in all COVID19 related activities should it be administrative or administering of the vaccinations
  • Proper recordkeeping of all the afore mentioned


  • Assessment all referred clients within 3 days (72 hours) after referral
  • Determine type of nursing care e.g., bed wash, wound care, pressure sores, ulcer management, catheter care, feeding
  • Provide nursing care plan with interventions and treatments with an outcomes-based discharge plan
  • Allocated CHW’s to the client in the catchment area and provide CHW with relevant records for follow-up visits
  • Maintain a file of all patients referred to HCBS for Basic Care and ensuring capturing on the electronic CBS register
  • Accurate recordkeeping of patient progress, interventions and treatment with regards the outcomes- based nursing plan
  • Professional Nurse should provide CHW with relevant records for follow up visits
  • Professional monitoring and review of patients’ needs should take place at intervals no longer than six weeks and frequently as little as two weeks if possible. Patient should be discharged at 6 weeks and referred back to PHC should he / she still needs care.
  • Engage and train primary care giver in the household to provide basic care to the client at home
  • Treat client with dignity and respect
  • Ensure a safe, clean and secure working environment taking patient safety in consideration
  • Ensure that clinical records are stored in an appropriate safe lockable area
  • Ensure patient safety in the community such as storage of medicines and the procedure for medical waste management are applied to – educate CHW’s


  • Ensure implementation of the pro-active service elements: Wellness Promotion, Infection and Disease Prevention, Early Identification of Diseases through case finding {screening}
  • Strengthen the more preventative and promotive health aspects within a community-based setting in working with the Wellness PN in COPC focus areas
  • Supervises and assists with wellness campaigns, community health promotion and marketing as well as WoW interventions
  • Ensure that the team identify clients in need of Child Health: Immunisation, Vit A, Deworming and nutrition; Women’s Health: Family Planning & Cervical Screening and breast examination
  • Support all health campaigns including visits to schools and creches and broader community e.g., measles, HPV, influenza, COVID-19
  • Submit quarterly events plan according to the four seasons and Health Calendar i.e., April, July, Oct, Jan
  • Liaises closely with PHC services in following up referred clients from and / to PHC
  • Provide assistance at the Alternative Distribution Sites.
  • Ensure the venue, register and medications are ready for the club sessions at the right time
  • Measuring and monitoring blood pressure, blood glucose – ensure that team works within their scope of practise
  • Provide information on intake of medication, promotion of physical activity
  • Educate patients and their families on the importance of lifestyle changes
  • Monitor stock levels – apply the FIFO principle and ordering of consumables according to the prescribed dates of the PHC facility


  • Identify training needs and complete an annual in – service training roster and submit to the District Lead
  • Coordinates formal CHW training (refresher course) and provide a replacement in the event of CHW absence
  • Ensure that all CHW’s are trained in PACK Guidelines
  • Employee Wellness: Refer all employees in need counselling / debriefing to the District Lead
  • District Lead and Professional Nurse should schedule a quarterly supervision combine with in – service training, WOW activities and feedback on progress made (M&E) to the team
  • Performance Management
  • Weekly monitoring of team against set individual targets – obtain employee signature as acknowledgement
  • Monthly performance review meeting and following performance management procedures should an employee not reach their individual target
  • Discuss site performance with PHC as well as a standing item on monthly PDR meeting
  • Conduct annual EPMDS review with staff

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