Reasons Why You should migrate to Canada

How could you not love Canada? From the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife to the cosmopolitan cities and vibrant cultural life, this country offers so much to new immigrants and native Canadians alike.

Not to mention that Canada has some of the best health care in the world and an enviable quality of life!

With so many good reasons to immigrate here, it’s little wonder that Canada is consistently voted as one of the best countries in the world in which to live and work.

Working in Canada

If you’re looking to immigrate to Canada, finding a job will be top of mind.

With one of the lowest unemployment rates in all of North America, there are plenty of opportunities for you, as long as you’re qualified and apply yourself.

Here are a few tips on how to get your foot in the door.

Canada has traditionally had an abundance of jobs available for immigrants, due in part to its highly educated workforce and low unemployment rate.

In addition, many Canadian companies actively seek workers with specialized skills from outside their country because they don’t have enough homegrown talent with these skills or expertise.

Canada is also known as a hub for technology, which means that skilled IT professionals can easily find work here.

Many of Canada’s larger cities are home to large tech companies who are always looking for qualified people who can help them grow and expand their business.

If you want to immigrate to Canada but don’t have a job lined up yet, you may want to consider moving somewhere smaller where there is less competition for employment opportunities.

Education In Canada

Not only is public schooling free, but it’s also a great place to learn. Canadian schools are some of the best in all of North America, and they offer a variety of programs that may not be available in your home country.

There are different languages to learn, cultures to explore and various industries that can help you succeed—and there’s plenty of support for those who need it.

All around, there’s no denying that Canada has one of the most robust education systems in existence today.

As an added bonus: thanks to our lovely neighbours from south of the border, Canadian universities have plenty of American students studying here—so if you ever want a taste at home away from home, now’s your chance!

Cost of Living in Canada

Canadian cities are large, diverse and booming with opportunity.

Not only is there a ton of employment in fields that are in high demand, but you’ll find that most people who live in Canada speak English and have a similar culture.

Considering all of these aspects, it’s no wonder that so many people are looking to immigrate to Toronto or Vancouver—two of the best cities to settle down.

But what makes them so great? And how do they compare to other major Canadian cities? Well, we decided to take a look at five different categories to see which city came out on top: cost of living, weather, safety, jobs and taxes. Keep reading for our findings!

Quality of Life in Canada

The quality of life in Canada is exceptional. According to a new report by world leading consulting firm Mercer, Vancouver (Canada) ranks as the most liveable city in all of North America and 6th in a global ranking of cities around the world.

This means that if you are moving to Canada from another country you will have access to great schools, healthcare facilities and amenities such as parks, restaurants and shopping centres.

It also means that your family will be able to enjoy a higher standard of living than they would have been able to in their home country.

Accommodation Options in Canada

Rather than looking at what you don’t have, it’s better to look at what you do have.

In terms of things like accomodation in Canada, for example, there are lots of options available in major cities that can save you a fortune – and make your life easier too.

A large number of furnished properties (mostly apartments) are available for rent through services such as Craigslist, Kijiji and numerous other local websites; these allow you to pick from a huge number of places without having to pay expensive agent fees or having to worry about not being able to find something that works.

Medical Care in Canada

Canadian medical care is some of the best in the world, and is widely regarded as a model for quality.

Citizens and permanent residents have access to health care via a single-payer public insurance plan administered by each province.

If you’re thinking about moving to Canada for your health, one thing to keep in mind is that both OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) and RAMQ (Quebec Health Insurance Plan) are recognized by all provinces as essential coverage.

So if you move from Ontario to Quebec or vice versa, your coverage will not change.

It also won’t change if you travel outside of Canada—most countries recognize Canadian health insurance plans as equivalent to their own national plans.

Weather In Canada

The weather in Canada varies depending on where you are. One thing to consider, though, is that seasons can be very extreme: Summers can be hot and winters can be cold.

With over 200 different cities, towns and villages throughout Ontario’s expansive landscape, one thing is for sure: there’s a great deal of variety in terms of weather patterns.

No matter where you live in Canada, though, you’re never too far from a border – just look to Minnesota or Michigan (very close) or Maine or New Hampshire (less so).

For example, Windsor gets a lot of snow during winter and Ottawa usually has rain fall during winter months as well.


While it is true that there are many places in the world that you can move to, few countries offer an immigration experience quite like Canada.

You can be safe and prosperous here, without losing your freedom or comfort level. In addition, you will be proud to be part of a country which was one of America’s greatest allies for over 100 years.

No matter how old you are, Canada is a great place to immigrate to if you want peace and prosperity with no worries about your security.