Sedcol Online Application – Sedibeng TVET College

Sedcol’s mission is to transform the future of TVET programme offering by creating exceptional value and opportunity for all stakeholders.

The Sedibeng TVET College Admission portal is an official dedicated online portal to assist you complete your Sedcol Online Application easily without any hassle.

NOTE: The online registration is completed in 5 stages. You need to complete ALL 5 STAGES before your application will be considered.

It takes approximately 10 min to complete the application (Depending on your IT skill level).

Step by Step process to apply online at Sedibeng TVET College (Sedcol)

Stage 1

It is compulsary to complete the ‘Career Interest Questionaire’ from the first menu option before you will be allowed to continue with this application.

The DHET has developed the Career Interest Questionnaire for students opting to further their studies at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges.

The Career Interest Questionnaire was developed to assist students in making a career choice based on an awareness of their interests thus enabling them to identify appropriate study courses and programmes at these institutions. The Career Interest Questionnaire does not test the academic ability of an individual and it should therefore not be treated as a psychometric test.

The Career Interest Questionnaire complements numeracy and literacy assessments currently used for student placement at TVET colleges and can be used as an additional tool for placement. The objectives of developing the Career Interest Questionnaire are:

1. To assist students at TVET Colleges, and those who are planning to further their studies at a TVET College, to choose a study field; and
2. To assist students in making informed career decisions.

Complete your Career Interest Questionnaire online here for free.


Stage 2

Upload ID-document and Qualifications in .jpg or .png format (You must have the documents available in electronic format on this device). You will be required to bring Certified Copies to the college, if you are selected

Stage 3

Capture your Biographical Data

Stage 4

Verification of Email, ID-No and Cellphone number. The systems does not rely on a password for authentication. Your ID number, email and cellphone is used to authenticate you.

Stage 5

A confirmation email will be sent to you with all the registration information.

New applicants whose admission application was submitted to the Sedibeng TVET College can track their admission status for free by following the below procedures.

If you are a returning student, you must satisfy these conditions first.

1. You must have registered at the college previously and have a student number.

2. The ID Number, Student Number and Email address that you enter in the fields below must match the information that was saved on the college server the last time you registered at the college.

3. If you are a current bursary holder and you qualify for a bursary during this term as well, you do not need to upload proof of payment for class fees, but your bursary reference number.

A verification code will be sent to your cell phone. To confirm your details.

Note that you do not need to register in the system as your data was imported from the College Student System.

In order for you to use the system you must create / reset your password. A One Time Pin (OTP) is sent to your cellphone number that is captured on the College system.

You need to enter this code in the OTP field.The password you create must have 8 characters. In the password there must be a numbers, Upper and lower case letters

Contacting Sedcol

For information and inquiries, you can contact the Sedibeng TVET College by visiting the institution’s official website via

Telephone: (016) 422 6645
Email: [email protected]
Address: 37 Voortrekker Street Vereeniging, Gauteng 1930.