• Responsible for full maintenance, replacement and installation of hose nozzles, transmitter coils, VIU 3 / 35 units, Enhance, TLS 2 and TLS 350R, EMR 4, PUMPS, GVR units on vehicles and fixed sites as well as the programming of these units as well as be crossed trained on VMI duties.


  • Ensure Gilbarco AFS Health & Safety procedures and policy compliance
  • Ensure MINE Health & Safety procedures and policy compliance
  • Ensure Gilbarco AFS/MINE Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance.
  • Ensure Gilbarco AFS Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) compliance.
  • Complete job cards as per KPI
  • Complete all installations and checklists as per relevant KPI
  • Complete all maintenance and checklists as per relevant KPI
  • Complete quality control inspections on all installations as per relevant KPI
  • Complete Mining information services (MIS) requests as per incident report KPI
  • Ensure availability for after-hours call outs as per relevant schedules
  • Ensure availability for stand-by duty as per relevant schedules.
  • Ensure that all problems and issues be communicated to the site manager or regional manager for attention.
  • Ensure that all communication with the client be facilitated through the site or regional manager


  • N/A



  • Company Leadership Team (all departments)
  • MIS


  • Customers
  • Sub-contractors


  • Customer SLA > 90% as per KPI Scorecard
  • Maintenance tasks – 5 per Tech per day (Fleet driven per site)
  • Bowser Inspections – Each Bowser once per week
  • Site Inspections – Each Site once per week
  • Odo stills – < 5% of total Fleet per month
  • RNF (reg not on file) < 2% of total fleet
  • Breakdowns – < 5% of total activities per month
  • Repeat Fixes – < 5% of total breakdowns per month
  • Daily Meter Reconciliations within 0.5% variance
  • Daily report delivery
  • NM/PI’s, HSSE Policies both Customer and Gilbarco AFS
  • Best Team Wins – Development Plan, Succession Management, Performance Management
  • Stock management
  • Job cards management


  • Education/ Achievements: Minimum Senior Certificate. (Preferred: N2 Matric or Higher)
  • Experience/ Knowledge: Minimum 2 year’s relevant industry related experience. (Preferred: 2 year’s relevant industry related experience in technical field)

Specific Skills

  • Communication (Verbal and Written)
  • Computer literate
  • Minimum level electrical skills
  • Customer service orientation
  • Planning
  • Quality control
  • Drivers licence older than 2 years


  • Customer Service Orientation
  • High level computer skills
  • Valid Driver’s Licence older than 3 Years


Customer Driven

  • Gains insight into customer needs.
  • Identifies opportunities that benefit the customer.
  • Builds and delivers solution that meet customer expectation.
  • Establishes and maintains effective customer relationships.


  • Works cooperatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives.
  • Represents own interest while being fair to others and their areas.
  • Partners with others to get work done.
  • Credits others for their contributions and accomplishments.
  • Gains trust and support of others.


  • Seeks to understand different perspectives and cultures.
  • Contributes to a work climate where differences are valued and supported.
  • Applies others’ diverse experiences, styles, backgrounds, and perspectives to get results.
  • Is sensitive to cultural norms, expectations, and ways or communicating.


  • Follows through on commitments and makes sure others do the same.
  • Acts with a clear sense of ownership.
  • Takes personal responsibility for decisions, actions and failures.
  • Establishes clear responsibilities and processes for monitoring work and measuring results.
  • Designs feedback loops into work.

Champions VBS

  • Identifies and creates the processes necessary to get work done.
  • Separates and combines activities into efficient workflow.
  • Seeks ways to improve processes, from small tweaks to complete reengineering.
  • Is a simplifier, focused on cutting through complexity?
  • Prioritizes to the critical few – focuses on what matters most.


  • Reflects on activities and impact on others.
  • Proactively seeks feedback about shortcomings.
  • Admits mistakes and gains insight from experiences.
  • Knows strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and limits.


  • Comes up with useful ideas that are new, better, or unique.
  • Introduces new ways of looking at problems.
  • Can take a creative idea and put it into practice.
  • Encourages diverse thinking to promote and nurture innovation.
  • Anticipates and adopts innovative digital and technology applications.


  • Learns quickly when facing new situations.
  • Experiments to find new solutions.
  • Takes on the challenge of unfamiliar tasks.
  • Extracts lessons learned from failure and mistakes.
  • Bounces back from setbacks and failure.


  • Willing to travel, to work overtime, to work shifts.
  • Must be medically fitValid Driver’s License
  • Own Vehicle
  • Need to reside within a 40km radius